Enriched Ontologies

This section provides a list of the ontological models, from the main section, enriched with additional annotation properties in order to support the transformation from the ontological format into the JSON data model required by the BIMERR Interoperability Framework. The BO2DM web service takes this models and make the appropiate transformation, for more information take a look at the API's documentation.

Models Available

Original Ontology Enriched Version
Occupancy Profile Ontology Occupancy Profile Ontology Enriched
Key Performance Indicator Ontology Key Performance Indicator Ontology Enriched
Sensor Data Ontology Sensor Data Ontology Enriched
Building Ontology Building Ontology Enriched


The annotations properties created and used to enrich the original ontologies are publicly accesible through the Metadata Ontology. The following picture shows an overview of the components included in the model.

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